Merchant Service

Merchant Services

Sago Serve at its best provides an efficient Services to its Merchants which were as follows.

  • Facilitates easy purchase of desired quality products at affordable rate at one place.
  • Provides grace time of 5 days to lift the confirmed products without any extra charges.
  • Offers maximum time limit up to 45 days for removal of sold goods on payment of nominal interest and warehouse rent
  • Remittance of sales value in prescribed installments is admitted as per the terms & conditions.
  • Concessional TNvat rate of 1% for sale of sago and starch through the society (5% TNvat payable for purchase outside the society)
  • The merchants who buy the Sago/Starch from "Sagoserve" are exempted from CST of 4% for inter-state sales. This is an incentive offered by the state Government to promote co-operative movement.